The San Antonio Regional Intelligence Center (SARIC) has had a hand in helping to solve almost every major case within the San Antonio Police Department. Modeled after the Department of State’s 24-hour Ops Center in Washington D.C., the purpose of SARIC is to oversee calls within the city, gather information and research information, and push out any viable intelligence to officers in the field.

“The basic purpose for SARIC is to gather and disseminate intelligence,” said SAPD Chief William McManus.  “It's a big part.. of putting pieces of the puzzle together.  Just about any major case you can name, they were involved in.”

In recent history, some of the high-profile cases SARIC had a major hand in helping with or solving, include the shooting of Officer Robert Deckard, the hit-and-run of Tatyana Babineaux, and the gruesome murder of Lauren Bump, at O.P. Schnabel Park.           

All of the officers who work in SARIC are detectives, who undergo specialized training before being assigned to this area of the department. 

SARIC was created in 2009.