Prescription drugs can be costly, especially for people who take them regularly.  Consumer Reports says savvy shopping can save you money.

"The first thing you can consider is taking an over-the-counter medication for really common ailments as opposed to taking a prescription drug," said Consumer Reports' Lisa Gill. "Of course, you'd want to talk to your doctor."

For seasonal allergies, Claritin can be a cheaper substitute for Xyzal.

For heartburn, over-the-counter Prilosec or store brands may be a suitable substitute for Nexium at a fraction of the cost.

And for occasional insomnia, drugs with the generic diphenhydramine, the ingredient found in Sominex and Benadryl Allergy, may be a substitute for Lunesta.

Consider paying cash instead of using your insurance.  Sometimes store discount programs can be cheaper than your co-pay.

If your insurance has a mail order program, check it out. It could be a money-saver.

And, when buying over-the-counter drugs, look for store brands because they are often much cheaper.

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