With an event “Empowering Latino Youth” as a backdrop Thursday evening, word came of a national fundraising effort to provide scholarships for deferred action “Dreamers.”

Donald Graham, the CEO of the Washington Post Company -- which owns KSAT, said he has joined forces with local philanthropist Henry Munoz III.

“The need is enormous and we’re going to try to do something about it,” Graham said.

He said 500,000 students who now are allowed to stay in the U.S. can get Social Security cards and driver’s licenses, also want a higher education.

“But they cannot access one dollar of federal loans and grants,” Graham said.

Graham said the plan is to send those students to “high-quality, low-cost colleges.”

He said several schools are already on board in New York City and Miami, as well an on-line partner through a non-profit campus of Kaplan Colleges, that also are owned by the Washington Post Company.  

“If we are successful in raising the amount of money we think we will, we will be looking for university partners in Texas and California,” Graham said.

He said much still needs to be done.

“We’re going to start with some commitments from myself and my family, and we think we have others who will step forward,” Graham said.

He said they are looking for donors and eligible students.

“I think that is just amazing. I think it would be great if something like that would happen. It would be such a weight off my shoulders,” said Ruby Pozos, a junior at San Antonio College who plans to transfer to UTSA.

Pozos was among those who had their photos taken for a national public art project, “InsideOut11Million,” depicting the faces of those in support of comprehensive immigration reform.  

Brought from Mexico as a child by her mother, Pozos said she hopes to someday become a pediatrician.

Knowing the private sector is trying to do what the federal government cannot, Pozos said gives her “more hope to know my dreams will be accomplished."

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Images: InsideOut11Million

Published On: Aug 30 2013 06:09:33 PM CDT

A national public art project, “InsideOut11Million,” depicting the faces of those in support of comprehensive immigration reform, includes images taken by a San Antonio College student.

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