Schools across the country are taking a close look at what's for lunch.

New USDA rules regarding what food will be permitted to be served at schools will soon take effect.

The USDA is working to curb childhood obesity by eliminating unhealthy food and drinks at school and replacing them with low-calorie, low-sugar and low-sodium foods.

The new USDA standards apply not only to school cafeterias, but also to vending machines.

So under the new rules that take effect on July 1, you will not see sodas, candy, or regular potato chips in school vending machines.

Instead, there will be healthier options like trail mix, granola bars and low-sugar drinks.

One local vendor, Healthy Vending, is already offering these options in their vending machines and local school districts are starting to take notice.

"The big ticket items with regards to the USDA guidelines are the calorie count and it's all based on the portion size," said Ruben Ayala, with San Antonio Healthy Vending. "So we're going to look at calorie content. We're going to look at saturated fat content, total fat content. Sugar is a big one."

You can find these Healthy Vending machines at YMCAs all over San Antonio, Pleasanton High School, Falls City High School and South San High School.

"This is one thing that can prevent Type II diabetes," said Ed Suarez, a spokesman with South San ISD. "So anything that we can do to contribute, to help kids have healthier choices, if they are going to snack, to steer them away from that and encourage exercise, then we are all for it. This works perfectly with that goal."

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