Security experts urge caution when leaving home for holidays

November, December most common months for home burglaries

Author: Isis Romero, Crime Fighters Reporter,
Published On: Dec 17 2013 10:03:33 PM CST   Updated On: Dec 18 2013 01:53:07 AM CST
leaving for the holidays

The upcoming weekend is expected to be one of the busiest in terms of travel and experts are warning homeowners to exercise caution when leaving their homes unattended.

"You have Hanukkah, Christmas, everyone's out, buying gifts, and they're not thinking about what they're doing, as far as preparing their home," said Melissa Walker, Chief Security Officer for Protect America. "Home burglaries are at their peak in the months of November and December."

Walker said homeowners should begin preparing, by not posting travel information on social media.

"I always say, beware of the overshare," Walker said. "You never want to post where you're going for the holidays on Facebook, and Twitter, because it's so easy for burglars to look your information up, and then they come to your home, and then they know you're going to be skiing for the holidays, and you won't be back for 7 or 8 days."

Walker also said homeowners should keep their doorsteps clear of newspapers and other mailings, place their garbage bins away from the street curb, and put lights on automated timers, before leaving for the holidays.

To make a home less attractive to a would-be burglar, Walker recommends not running Christmas lights through windows, so that windows remain fully shut at all times, and being careful where your Christmas tree is placed.

"It is a bad idea to have a Christmas tree in the window," Walker said. "Because what happens is, everyone can see all the gifts displayed around the Christmas tree, and they know exactly what you have."

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