SEGUIN, Texas -

Built in 1953, Seguin High School is old, and deteriorating.

The district has already rallied unsuccessfully to get funding for a new high school during the last two elections.

"I have teenagers that come and complain all the time when they're talking about taking tests with water leaking and some of those buildings over there were built in the 50's," said parent, Brett McDonald.

Voting "Yes" to pouring $83.3 million into the construction of a new high school has the city divided.

"I'm really not for the proposition because of the tax issue, it's gonna increase our taxes," said Seguin resident, Kenny Bowman.

This year, one elementary school decided to be pro-active sending voter registration applications home with the students.

"We're trying to get as many folks in our community registered and head out to the polls November 5th, or in early voting to tell us how they want the future of our district to look," said Seguin Independent School District Public Information Officer, Sean Hoffmann.

When Vogel Elementary School sent out voter registration applications, they also sent a letter along with it explaining there was a bond election coming up Nov. 5 and on the ballot, a proposition that included a new high school and technology upgrades throughout the district.

"We're not advocating to or for, voting to or for anything, but we certainly want our voters, our community to know when the voter registration deadline is," Hoffmann said.

One parent didn't see that way and wrote the Defenders alleging the school was enticing parents to vote.

"I think it's good, keep people on top of it," said Seguin grandparent, Blane Maddox.

"I think there's lots of parents who just need information about there's a vote coming up, and here's what's on the ballot," McDonald said.

While residents were divided on the issue of a new high school and registration applications being distributed by the school, they all agreed getting more people to the polls is a step in the right direction.

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