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The Seguin Police Department seized 73 8-liner machines Wednesday night along with $11,000 in cash, gift cards and a couple of weapons. 

The seizures were part of “Operation Jackpot,” which lived up to its name in a haul that was the largest that Seguin police Lt. Eric Jimenez believes the department has ever had. 

The department seized 20 machines at Lucky Spin at 1425 E. Court, 20 machines at Lucky Star at 1802 N. Austin and 33 machines at Four Leaf Clover at 924 S. Austin. 

Along with the machines, $11,000 in cash, numerous gift cards and a few weapons were recovered. 

Last month, the city council asked the zoning commission to draft a new ordinance setting a limit on 8-liners in the city. 

“As long as they are abiding by the law, they’re allowed to have those permits. When they start paying out $5 or ten times over what they’re paying, then they’re violating the law,” said Jimenez.

The ordinance is still in the drafting stages and city officials said they have not worked yet whether it will focus on limiting the number of permitted locations, number of machines or both. 

The Planning and Zoning commission expects to share the first draft in November.

Police have arrested five people in connection with Operation Jackpot and have warrants for eight others.  They all face charges of gambling promotion and criminal activity which is a state jail felony. 

You can see those people below:

IMAGES: Seguin 8-liner bust 'Operation Jackpot'

Published On: Sep 12 2013 05:34:46 PM CDT

These images include the alleged 8-liner operations and the people arrested as a result of the investigation.

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Lucky Spin

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