U.S. Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) is spending time away from Washington D.C., visiting the Eagle Ford Shale oil play in the Carrizo Springs area.

One of the main things he came to study are the jobs that have been -- and will be -- created.

“People who want to find jobs and work can find jobs in Carrizo Springs, Dimmit County and the surrounding area,” Cornyn said.

Cornyn also held a roundtable discussion with members of the community to find out how the oil boom is impacting South Texas.

“Water issues are obviously critical, (as is) housing,” Cornyn said. "These are some of the challenges, but these are some of the things (that, by) working together, we can manage and take advantage of the great shot in the economic arm.”

Cornyn has made it clear he is no fan of Obamacare and that was another concern brought up: heath care in rural communities.

“The challenge is for rural hospitals to be able to open and to treat the people who are coming here for the jobs,” Cornyn said.

When Cornyn returns to Washington, he will return with a message.

“We ought to be making the economic benefits of domestic energy production available for more people across the country," he said.

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