Several San Antonio residents have reported seeing strange lights in the sky over the holidays.

Many KSAT viewers submitted pictures and videos of the lights and one viewer said he saw the strange sight a few days before New Year's Eve.

"We didn't think much of it so we dropped it until today (Thursday) when we saw the show about the other lights in California," said Tony Ybarra. "We were like, 'Wow! Those were the lights we saw!'"

Ybarra showed KSAT a photo of some strange lights in the sky he shot ten days before the New Year's Eve sightings. He and three friends saw them after putting up Christmas lights.  

"They were coming down, going south. They were going really slow then they shot up into the sky," Ybarra said.

Many viewers claimed to see four to five orange lights in the sky. KSAT reporter Charles Gonzalez spoke with the San Antonio Astronomy Association who said there weren't any strange events the last couple of weeks.

Some of the viewer videos made their way to a national UFO network, but the San Antonio Astronomy Association believe it is something a lot less exciting than extra terrestrial activity.

The San Antonio Astronomy Association believe Tony and others were looking at Chinese lanterns flying high above. 

"We've seen those, but I think at that height in the sky, they would turn off," Ybarra said. "It was exciting. That would be cool if they were UFOs."

Images: Strange lights over SA sky

Published On: Jan 03 2014 04:35:49 AM CST

KSAT viewers submitted pictures of some strange lights recently seen in the sky.

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Picture submitted by Frank Robles.