With temperatures at record levels over the past few weeks, shaved ice, snow-cones, and raspas have become big business. 

"It hurts so much, but it’s so good,” said J.V. Milam, as he dug into a large snow-cone.

A brain freeze is a pain Milam said he was willing to endure for the satisfaction of an icy treat.

Just about any flavor is available to a public needing a quick cool-down.

"Cherry, birthday cake, strawberry, and the kids also love pickle,” said Trudy Leal, owner of Bahama Bucks off of Bandera Road.

The combinations are endless and so are the drive-thru lines at places like Bahama Bucks. Shaved ice locations are popping up everywhere.

"I think a lot of people know snow-cones. It’s refreshing, it’s light, and it’s not heavy like ice cream,” said Leal.

At the Frosty Frog near Bandera and Highway 1604, walk-up crowds have also been steady.

"The heat in general (has) been causing a lot of people to come and get shaved ice,” said owner Angelique Gonzales.

While the most popular flavor at Frosty Frog is Tutti-Frutti, Gonzales said many customers also like to try traditional San Antonio additions, like Chamoy. 

No matter the flavor, with temperatures staying near 100 for the foreseeable future, shaved ice, snow-cones, and raspas will likely remain popular treats.