For the second time in a little more than a month Sheriff's deputies have busted a big cockfighting ring in south Bexar county.

This time the bust came in the southeast part of the county on Green Gate.

The Sheriff's office says deputies busted the cockfight while a large crowd was watching the brutal bird fight.

They say people tried to run from deputies, and some got away.

But the Sheriff's office did arrested at least eight people on scene.

They also found more than two dozens roosters, some in cages and at least two dead from the fighting.

Deputies also recovered cockfighting implements.

A Sheriff's spokesman says for now the surviving roosters have been turned over to animal control.

On Nov. 16 deputies busted another large cockfight in the southwest part of the county.

A landowner called the Sheriff's office and said he suspected illegal activity on his property.

Deputies went to check and found the cockfight.