Shirley Gonzales and Ron Nirenberg have won the runoff races in District 5 and 8, respectively, claiming two seats on City Council.

Gonzales claimed a victory Saturday night over incumbent David Medina. She received 2,522 votes, giving her 51 percent of the votes, with Medina receiving 2,404 votes.

In District 8, Ron Nirenberg won the race with 54 percent of the vote, or 4,155 votes, beating Rolando Briones, who had just 3,560 votes.

Nirenberg will replace outgoing Councilman Reed Williams.

It's the first time Gonzales has run for a citywide office, and many thought she would face an uphill battle going against Medina, who was running for a third term.

Medina had a 90 vote lead going into the day's election, but Reed quickly made up that difference.

"I got to spend a lot of time talking to the voters and getting to understand what their needs are and so I felt like one of the reasons I was able to get their support was because I would listen and I promised to act on what their concerns are," said Gonzales. "So this is what I think being a representative is all about."

Medina leaned on his experience going into Saturday's runoff.

"District 5 cannot afford to have someone in the driver's seat without experience," Medina said after the runoff was announced on May 11. "I've been in office four years serving the district and we have the experience to get the job done."

After the runoff was announced, Gonzalez said her strategy was to convince supporters of the other four candidates in the race to join her coalition.

That strategy worked, as the third-place finisher Ricardo Briones put his support behind Gonzalez.

Nirenberg took the lead over Briones on Saturday. He spoke with KSAT about transitioning into his new role.

"[Williams] leaves big shoes to fill and we hope his leadership will not be lost as we move forward in this administration," he said.

Nirenberg will be sworn in on Thursday.

A total of 12,697 ballots were cast out of 131,831 registered voters in Bexar County.

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