Some students who were looking forward to participating in the upcoming Bexar County Junior Livestock Show got some bad news this weekend.

A trailer with more than 100 show tables was stolen form the Bexar County Show grounds on Friday.

Kellie Tondre, 11, who is a livestock show winner from this past year, said she was devastated when she heard that someone broke into the show grounds and stole their trailer.

"When I found out what happened I started worrying about this next Bexar County Junior Livestock meet," said Tondre. "I'm like, no, they're probably going to put off the rabbit show. And, I love raising rabbits."

Livestock show organizers said the thieves broke the lock on the fence, headed straight for the trailer and broke the lock on that as well.

More than 160 show tables or show coups were loaded in that trailer, said Jeff Tondre, Bexar County Junior Livestock Show Rabbit superintendent.

Tondre said the coups are very unique and were all handmade, specifically to rabbits.

Jeff said losing the trailer and the coups is a big blow to the hundreds of students who look forward to participating in the non-profit group's junior livestock show every year.

"Besides the Bexar County Junior Livestock Show, other county shows such as Atascosa and Wilson County use those show tables," said Jeff. "So, beyond the Bexar County 4-H and FFA students, the other counties are also effected."

Jeff said they were also in the process of building barns on their show grounds and that the loss is a huge setback.

He said at this point, they are just asking the people responsible for taking their show coups to bring them back.

"I couldn't imagine anyone wanting show coups. I'm sure they were probably more interested in the trailer than the show coups," said Jeff. "The trailer is a couple of thousand dollars, but the show coups are much more valuable."

He said the cost of the trailer and the show tables is estimated at about $10,000.

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