Thanks to social media and a Good Samaritan, a dog named Bradley should have a long and happy life.

Janice Abernathy found the lab mix puppy in her neighbor's yard Oct. 18.

"He started to get away from me. Guess he was nervous, and that is when I noticed he had a bone exposed on his foot and the tail was missing chunks," Abernathy said.

Abernathy, an animal lover, knew she had to do something. Before heading to a veterinarian, her husband posted a picture of Bradley on Facebook. The picture was quickly shared on the social media website and on Twitter over 400 times and the calls starting pouring in.

"We had people calling from all over the country. Canada, Alaska, Mexico. Everybody wanted to help," Abernathy said.

About the time Animal Care Services got involved by sending Janice and Bradley to an emergency hospital, a Humane Society board member saw a post on Twitter and really got the wheels in motion. The Humane Society had the dog transferred to its facility, where a veterinarian performed surgery.

"He was in pretty tough shape when we first got him," said Humane Society spokeswoman Jenny Puls.

The veterinarian had to remove the injured leg and part of the dog's tail, but was able to save Bradley's life.

Janice was reunited with Bradley on Thursday at the Humane Society for the first time since finding him.

"Just to see him right now in person, it's amazing. I am trying not to cry," Abernathy said.

Bradley will be recovering at a foster home. After a week and a half, he will be put up for adoption.

"It will be really exciting to see him find that forever family and get to go home," Puls said.

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