A soldier surprised his daughter at Huebner Elementary after getting back from a one-year deployment to Afghanistan.

Sophia Easterly was engrossed in her math lesson when her father, Sgt. Chad Easterly, walked in.

"I was nervous when I first got here. I walked into the class, and the emotion kind of overtook me, especially when she looked around and saw me," Easterly said.

It took nearly a minute for the third-grader to realize her father was there.

"You're really into your work," Easterly told his daughter.

He said Sophia asked for a surprise reunion.

"She kept telling me on the phone when I was overseas, 'I wish you would surprise me. I've watched all these videos about other parents, fathers and mothers surprising their children when they came back,'" he said.

"I like to watch them, because it's funny, and it's also sad," Sophia said.

They haven't seen each other since July 2012, and Sophia didn't think she'd see her dad again until December.

Instead, they had the rest of the day together.

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