Residents on the city's South Side are growing more frustrated with the changes made to South Flores Street.

South Flores used to be a busy four-lane thoroughfare. Now it is a busy two-lane thoroughfare with one center turn lane.

Some area residents say the changes make the street more dangerous. Some have problems with the congestion, while others complain about cars being forced to go around VIA busses.

No matter what the problem, it all appears to come back to the city's decision to reduce South Flores from four lanes to two -- a change Ruben EsPronceda is hoping his petition can reverse.

"It was convenient to go down South Flores Street, then they changed it. They changed it to a two laner, and put bike lanes and now it's a nightmare to come down the street," said EsPronceda.

For some residents the tipping point came last year when a 20-year-old man was hit by a car.

EsPronceda says there have been other accidents and that the city has created a public safety issue.

"We have so many schools -- high schools, middle schools -- in the whole area. We have three fire stations that use South Flores for an emergency purpose and all we're asking is that it be turned back," said EsPronceda.

The changes made to South Flores were done in part because of more people choosing to ride their bikes. For Bill Duran the change is a double-edged sword.

"For the bicycles, it's a lot free for the lane that you have, but there's still congestion on the motor vehicle side of it," said Duran.

EsPronceda says he plans to collect signatures until March when he hopes the city will do something to resolve the issue.