The South San Antonio ISD school board held a special meeting on Thursday to discuss several items on the agenda including two key issues.

The two main issues included the status of the district and the search for a new superintendent. 

"It will be somebody from the outside. Someone with fresh new ideas," said school board president Helen Madla. 

The district has been under scrutiny after allegations of the misuse of money and poor academic performance.

District 4 Councilman Rey Saldana requested the Texas Educations Agency to investigate. Saldana said the high turnover rate for the superintendent position at South San ISD causes concern and he believes the district needs continuity.

No decision has been made on whether or not the investigation will take place.

Interim Superintendent Abelardo Saavedra said the district was in good shape. "We only have one school out of 16 that did not meet the accountability standards and that's better than quite a few districts in Bexar County," said Saavedra.

Saavedra admitted there were problems though. "There's several things that I think need to be brought up to a modern time as far as running the business operations." Saavedra said.

Saavedra's primary concern is to stabilize the district so that quality applicants will apply. 

"Give Dr. Saavedra a chance. He's brilliant," Madla said. "He can bring this district together and the community and the board member's especially."

The school board will meet again on Jan. 22. The job will be posted at the end of the month and the new superintendent will be named by May 12.