In late December, District 4 City Council Member Rey Saldana sent a letter to the Texas Education Agency requesting an investigation into the South San Antonio Independent School District.

In his missive, Saldana expressed concerns over allegations of misuse of state and federal funds by the district.

The district’s school board president, Helen Madla, said Friday that she has no quarrel with the proposed inquiry.

“We would welcome that," Madla said. “The only problem is that there is no superintendent who would want to come to South San while that is going on.”

The district is currently looking for a superintendent.

The high turnover in that position at South San also a concern expressed by Saldana.

Madla said the board has already begun to address the district’s finances by hiring an expert to examine the books.

She said that Dr. Abelardo Saavedra has already begun working.

“Dr. Saavedra has been coming every day,” Madla said. “So what I’m saying is that the gentleman has just been hired and he needs to be given time to do his work.”

Madla suggested that another set of numbers Saldana examine are TEA performance ratings.

“We’re at 94 percent and, of course, we want to be 100 percent,” she said. “But 94 percent isn’t shabby.”

Madla said that the board, which has a history of political in-fighting, has become more united recently and can effectively deal with the district issued without TEA intervention.

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