The South San Independent School District Board met Wednesday night amid accusations of infighting and poor judgment and displayed what some might call a united front.

The board has been called dysfunctional and city council member Rey Saldana, a South San graduate, has called on the state to investigate.

There have been allegations of mismanagement, misspent funds and board member abuse of their authority, but on Wednesday night, there was a bit of harmony.

Part of that harmony was displayed by the Dwight Middle School mariachi band, which performed during a ceremony for Board Appreciation Month.

That kind of harmony has been missing from the South San Board and parents have been debating whether an agency should monitor the board."

Parent Stacey Estrada said there should be some oversight but that board members should take it on themselves to act professionally.

"What I believe should is that certain board members should conduct themselves as board members so we can get on with business," Estrada said.

Parent Armando Rangel said he pays little attention to the perceived shenanigans of board members.

"We do what's best for our kids, and school board is school board," Rangel said.

Parent Leonard Laque said dysfunction on the board has been a staple for the South San ISD.

"Well, I've been around here for so long I've kind of gotten immune to it already," Laque said.

Interim superintendent Abelardo Saavedra reported during the meeting that he had had a positive meeting with the Texas Education Agency.

Taking wind out of the sails of those who think the board should be supervised by TEA, Saavedra also told Michael Williams that SSISD board members were allowing him to do his job without interference.

"Basically I assured the commissioner that things were going well in reference to governance," Saavedra said.

Later the board voted 6-1 on a resolution touting South San's success story and the new rules in place to keep the board in check.

It was an almost united front from a fractured board.

The resolution touting the board's united front will also be published in local newspapers and on the district's website.

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