Residents on the city’s south side spent Friday afternoon preparing for more rain.

Many of the homes on Espada Road were flooded on May 25, and with rain expected over the weekend residents are preparing for the worst.

“People talk about a rush of water that just came in,” said Ian Palacios.

Palacios was at the beach when the flood hit.

His family used his pontoon boat to get to safety.

Although his home sits several feet off the ground the water line inside his home is nearly 3 feet high.

Like many of his neighbors Palacios said the cleanup effort is moving slowly.

“Furniture was being thrown away, we were starting to gather stuff, and then dumpsters came in and got rid of all our belongings and stuff that was ruined.”

Bexar County provided residents in the neighborhood with large storage containers.

Sandra Martinez returned to her home with her suns Friday to gather more of their belongings.

“It was devastating,” Martinez said of the flooding. “We just didn’t expect that much water to come to our homes.”

Martinez said she does not know if her home can be saved, and speaking with her bank about a low interest loan to rebuild does not give her much hope either.

“The criteria is pretty high because they're wanting us to put up collateral,” she said. “We don’t want to have to put our land up.”

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