For 10 days, Phoenix police said two men committed 20 armed robberies that started in Rockport, Texas, and ended out west.

Jeromy Neal, 34, and Amador Cuebas, 20, were arrested Sept. 29 after one of the crimes. 

Sgt. Steve Martos said seven of the alleged robberies happened in Phoenix. "Neal would enter a fast food restaurant or convenience store armed with a gun and demanded money from employees," said Martos. "Cuebas would remain in the vehicle and served as the 'getaway' driver."

Phoenix police released a video showing one of the alleged crimes.

Police said the crime spree started Sept. 19. They linked the pair to robberies in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico.

Investigators are trying to determine if Neal and Cuebas were involved in any other robberies between Rockport and Phoenix.