Courtney Moses says her daughter Kaileigh has multiple health problems. Moses was in a terrible car accident two years ago when she was 24 weeks pregnant with her daughter. That accident was caused by a 24-year old man texting while driving.

“She can barely hold her head up, she can't walk, she can't crawl, she can't talk, so she can't even be doing the things a normal 2 year old should be doing,” said Moses.

Her husband William Moses, finds it hard to forgive the driver ,”To be honest with you, I've been mad for a long time ."

Her husband was driving their car. He finds it hard to heal from an accident that has changed him and his little girl forever.

“I'm still trying to forgive, but it's going to take some time for doing all the injuries he's caused my daughter … and losing my leg, my right leg below the knee all because of him ."

The driver who caused the accident didn't have insurance, and he never faced any charges. Even though there has been technology developed to enhance the safety of texting while driving, a new study that came out today, found it's not very effective.

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety discovered, the more complicated and absorbing a task, the greater the distraction from the road.

William Moses said he never texts while driving. He hopes no family will ever go through what his family went through.

“My best thing that I do now, I put my phone on silent and chuck it in the glove box.”

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