A late night storm that included heavy rain, strong winds, lightning and hail packed an especially powerful punch for people on the far northwest side of town.

The storm Monday night left damage from San Antonio’s city limits to Helotes and points beyond.

In the parking outside a Lowe's store in the 11300 block of Bandera Road, heavy gusts of wind tore down signs, toppled trees and shredded some wooden storage sheds.

Pieces of wood and twisted metal were left littering the nearby roads.

As store employees arrived for the early morning shift, they were assigned the task of either picking up the pieces, or documenting the damage on camera.

Victor Jacquez, who lives in Helotes, said he saw what caused all of that damage and more from his home.

"It was really surreal sitting there and then watching everything get gray and dark. And then the rain came," he said. “It was crazy. It got from bad to worse."

Jacquez said once hail began to fall, he had to go outside in it to move his truck out of harm’s way.

Some of that hail could still be seen Tuesday morning, clumped together forming huge chunks of ice alongside some roads.

On a stretch of Galm Road, flooding was the major issue for morning drivers.

Barricades were put up at the corner of Galm and FM 1560 to keep traffic away.

However, there were several cars abandoned in the high water, indicating that drivers overnight had tried, unsuccessfully, to make it through.

What was once a dry creek bed at Fiesta Farms on FM 1560 became a rushing river in a matter of hours, thanks to fast-falling rain.

The winds knocked down fences and trees at the petting zoo.

However, an employee said all of the animals escaped harm.

Images: Storms cause flooding, damage

Published On: Apr 30 2013 06:23:10 AM CDT   Updated On: Apr 30 2013 11:05:34 AM CDT

Take a look at some images of the severe weather that brought hail, lightning and heavy rain to the San Antonio area.

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