Members of the South San Antonio Independent School District voted late Wednesday evening to approve Dr. Abelardo Saavedra as the lone finalist for superintendent.

Saavedra, who held superintendent positions in Houston and Corpus Christi, has been serving as SSISD interim superintendent.

The district has been plagued by controversy in recent years surrounding, in part, repeated turnover in the superintendent position.

The board will wait 21 days to confirm Saavedra’s hire. Negotiations will happen during that time.

Saavedra has said he will accept the position if three conditions are met. He will require that the SSISD school board no longer have hiring power within the district. Under the conditions, hiring power would be given to Saavedra.

The second condition stipulates that no family members of board members or Saavedra’s would be hired.

Thirdly, Saavedra wants all superintendent contracts to be five-year terms. Saavedra’s conditions will be addressed during the 21-days negotiation period.

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