A new era of sports competition has begun at St. Mary’s University.

The school has opened its new $17 million Park at St. Mary’s.

“I keep telling people I have to find a new word besides 'awesome,'” said St. Mary's Athletic Director Elizabeth Dalton.

The facility has a new baseball field, Dickson Stadium, that holds more than 2,200 fans.

There is a new up-to-date clubhouse with a weight room and lounge that can double as a study area. The field replaces the old V.J. Keefe Field.

“It just motivates us. We have everything we need, all we have to do is put in the work,” said Mario Maldonado Jr., the Rattlers' second baseman.

The facility was a private/public partnership with Bexar County, with the county contributing some $6 million.

The facility also has new intramural fields and a walking track.

Dalton says the public is invited to come to school and get healthy.

“We want the community to come in and be a part. We want to them attend our events but we also want them to come out and work on their physical fitness,” Dalton said.

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