After much speculation, State Senator Leticia Van de Putte formally announced her candidacy for Lieutenant Governor of Texas.

Van de Putte made the announcement at San Antonio College Saturday, expressing that her love for Texas was what motivated her to run for office.

Van de Putte said that she's not happy how things are going, and that it is time for the Lieutenant Governor to stop pandering to the extreme right and do what's right for Texas.

“Texas deserves better than these extremists playing partisan games with our future," Van de Putte said. "Texas families deserve better than they’ve been getting."

Van de Putte, who has been in the state legislature for almost 23 years, has worked on the public education as well as putting a stop to human trafficking.

Van de Putte said those in office now have slacked on serving the people of Texas.

"While they’ve bickered amongst themselves, funding for neighborhood public schools has been cut by billions," Van de Putte said. "Class sizes have swelled, and too often we’re losing our best teachers. Texas is investing less in our school children than almost any other state. It’s by no coincidence that we’re last in the nation in the percentage of adults with a high school diploma.  Don’t you think Texas deserves better than that?"

She added that current officials have turned their back on Medicaid expansion that would create jobs and add billions to the Texas economy.

Van de Putte stated that she will be the Lieutenant Governor who, among other things, will put the middle class first and will understand the difference between unnecessary expenses and wise investments.

"I have to run. It's my grandchildren. It's your grandchildren. It's the future of Texas. And with your help, and with your hard work and with God's blessing, we will win and Texas families will be better for it." said Van de Putte.

Van de Putte is a political ally of State Senator Wendy Davis who is running for Governor of Texas.