Friday's freezing weather is creating extra work for some of the animal handlers at the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, who are working to keep their animals warm.

For some of the Angora goats, the weather impacts their appearance.

"The heat lamp is to get the hair warm and make it softer," said Dade Turner, who shows goats.

"The heat lamp brings out the luster in their fiber," said Cammie Morgan, who helped get her daughter's goat ready for the show.

The pigs don't have the shaggy coat to keep them warm, so Hailey Morgan said his pigs lose their appetite if she doesn't keep them comfortable.

"They won't eat or drink, and then sometimes they will, sometimes they won't. It just depends," she said.

Another pig shower, Nick Martin, said his pigs just get friendlier when the temperature drops.

"They just lay right next to each other on the fence," he said. "They would probably be trying to fight through the fence if it was warm."

As for the cows, the cold suits them just fine.

"They thrive in it. That's when they make the most milk," said Garrett Steinberger.

He said his cows even enjoy taking a shower on freezing days.

Trey Terry said he was keeping an eye on one cow in particular. His cow had a calf at the stock show Friday morning.

"She's got these big cows and this hay to play in. She's probably not going to get cold," he said.

He did want to make sure his calf was eating well.

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