The manager of a West Side convenience store is getting credit for catching a robbery suspect by locking the knife-wielding man inside the business.

Bhupinder Singh, who manages the Pay-Less convenience store and gas station in the 7700 block of W. Military, said he recognized the suspect as someone who he had chased out of the business in the past for shoplifting.

When he saw the man enter the store around 8 a.m. Monday and walk toward the back of the business, Singh said he confronted him.

That’s when the suspect pulled out a knife and pointed it at him, he said.

Somehow, Singh made it back behind the counter and grabbed his cell phone, with the suspect following closely behind him.

"He had the knife (and said,) 'Give me cigarettes. Give me cigarettes’," Singh said, demonstrating how the suspect waved the knife in a slashing motion.

He said the man then began stabbing packages of candy in a rack near the counter.

Although Singh said he was terrified, he still managed to think and act quickly.

"The manager locked the doors, barricaded himself inside a supply room and called for police,” said Sgt. Lawrence Walters, with the San Antonio Police Department. “When officers arrived, the manager was able to unlock the doors.”

Walters said officers found the suspect still locked inside the business and unable to escape.

Singh was not hurt in the ordeal.

The suspect was arrested and will face a charge of aggravated robbery, Walters said.

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