The lines outside the Alamodome box office Wednesday were proof that the Mexican national soccer team has a large fan base in San Antonio.

Local fans and the thousands that will be coming up from Mexico for Wednesday’s game against the Korea Republic are expected to shell out big bucks over the next few days.

“Everybody will see a pickup because all of these people will end up staying for more than one night,” said Andres Munoz, vice president of marketing and communications at the San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau. “Restaurants, bars, and shopping in general is going to be affected, so it’s very positive.”

Munoz said the city will also benefit from the influx of Mexican media outlets that will follow the team to San Antonio.

“We've received two or three major TV channels that are taking film around the city and that becomes great exposure for us,” Munoz said.

With nearly 50,000 people expected to pack the Alamodome, Aldaco’s manager Henry Talamantez decided to bring in staff from the restaurant's Stone Oak location to handle the additional clientele.

Since fans south of the border won’t have to travel far, Talamantez expects a double-dose of business given the team’s popularity in Mexico and the large fan base in San Antonio.

“We get a tremendous business turnout. It’s great for sunset station,” Talamantez said. “You can feel the electricity here when there’s a lot of fans together here having a good time, a good drink, a good meal. We're very fortunate to be right at the heart at the Alamodome.”

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