Protesters gathered outside the Bexar County Courthouse Tuesday morning in opposition of the VIA streetcar plan.

Holding signs and banners, the protesters said that those in power are not listening to their constituents when it comes to the streetcar issue. 

They also believed that the money could be better spent across the city. 

Currently, the City of San Antonio and the Texas Department of Transportation have agreed to help fund the plan, with VIA looking to federal grants to cover the additional costs. 

Many who spoke out against the plan asked that officials put the issue to a vote.

"This is tyranny and that's how we feel," said Henry Rodriguez. "We are very upset. ... Take care my district first. Take care of the infrastructure. Take care of adult literacy and things that are really important our people, then we'll talk streetcars."

Meanwhile, VIA said many in the community support the streetcar plan and that they plan to move forward.

"What is the vision of the folks that are saying we shouldn't have a streetcar? said Charles Gonzalez, spokesperson for VIA. "What is their vision for a modern city like San Antonio when it comes to transportation? You could put everything up to a vote if you want to. In that case why have elected officials? But I will say this: some things don't appear popular. They may not be popular, but they definitely were the thing to do."

Referendums, said Gonzalez, are typically saved for issues that involve tax increases.

"My fear is that people are reacting on misinformation," said Gonzalez.

Still, as the debate heats up, VIA has no plans to slow down.

"We've fallen far behind other cities, and we don't have time to waste," said Gonzalez.

The protesters maintain that they are not in the minority on this issue and they also vowed to continue to fight.