About 80 students at Woodlawn Elementary on the Westside are getting in shape by joining a running club. The goal is to get the students ready to run a 5k or 10k race in March for the San Antonio ISD Foundation.

For 5th grader Abigail Luna, she's dressed for running success. She's part of first running club. A club run by the principal, Dorene Benavidez.

"I started walking it, I ended up finishing the 10k within an hour and 15 minutes and it was exciting, so I want to show our kids if they put their minds to it, they can do anything, " said Benavidez.

Friday was the students' first practice. In fact, Benavidez made sure students were prepared for the 2.3-mile run to and from Woodlawn Lake Friday afternoon by making sure they had a well-balanced lunch.

"Today, as a matter a fact, we went into the lunch room and we said, 'Make sure you get enough food in there, get your carbs, eat your protein,' we're talking about the essential things that they need so their body is fit and ready," said Benavidez.

Other students, like Nathan Penaloza, said they've always enjoyed running. He learned the healthy habit from his dad.

"Every time he walks our dogs, he always runs around like 2 miles every day," said Nathan Penaloza, a 5th grader.

The principal hopes this running club is just the beginning of many more extracurricular activities to come. The school hopes to offer students other sports, such as soccer, so they're exposed to the sports before they get to middle or high school.

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