On Valentine's Day, some students showed their love for their teachers by writing letters to them.

It's part of the "Go Public. Love your Bexar County Public Schools" campaign.

Teachers and students at Dolph Briscoe Middle School were asked to come the library for a student awards ceremony on , but what the teachers didn't know is that their students had taken the time to write some heartfelt notes.

"Thank you for everything you have done for me," one student said. "You are the best teacher I ever had."

The notes were about the impact the teachers had on their students' lives.

 "I wrote it to my teacher Ms. Garcia," said Mariah Lugo, an eighth-grade student at Briscoe Middle School. "She teaches history. She's the best teacher I've had. She makes history fun."

"I told her how thankful I was for her being my history teacher," said Madison Tulaba, an eighth-grade student at Briscoe Middle School. "And, how she has impacted my life so much."

Dolph Briscoe Middle School history teacher Linda Garcia said she had no idea her students were going to honor her and the other teachers.

"It was a pleasant surprise," said Garcia. "We did not know we were going to be here for this. We thought the kids were going to be rewarded with some type of award and so, when I hear these kids talk about these wonderful things, I'm very thankful because I do it from my heart."

Briscoe Middle School Principal Javier Martinez, also had a letter read aloud to him by KSAT 12's Stephanie Serna, who was a student of his when she attended John Jay High School.

"As my band director at John Jay High School, I learned more from you than just perfecting my skills on the clarinet," Serna said. "You taught me about perseverance. Because even though things didn't always come easy, you showed me with hard work and persistence, I could eventually succeed."

"I tell my teachers all the time, we have the power to scar kids each and every day, in a good way and a bad way," said Martinez. "I think today is proof that there is a lot of positive scarring going on each and every day."

The Go Public campaign is a collaborative effort by all 15 Bexar County school districts to highlight the strengths and tout the positives of public schools.