A wild, hour-long chase through Rolling Oaks mall ended with a suspect in custody and facing some serious charges.

A man was arrested after eating at a local restaurant and attempting to pay with a counterfeit bill. According to police, the suspect left the restaurant, stole a vehicle and tried to hide out and blend in with a large holiday crowd at the Rolling Oaks mall.

Officers received information the suspect had perhaps left the mall, but then found out he was still there and on the loose.

SAPD quickly surrounded the mall and requested both a K-9 unit and chopper to help locate the suspect who was on the loose for at least an hour.

They say the suspect apparently was using the service hallways in the mall to avoid capture.

"There was a couple of points where we thought we had lost him, but he was in and out of the mall," said SAPD Sgt. Marcial Luevano.

Officers say the suspect obtained keys to a car, and they watched that vehicle and waited for him to come out.

After about an hour, police and a canine unit finally caught up to the suspect around 12:30 p.m.

SAPD called an EMS unit to the scene, but would not confirm what the suspect was treated for.

Earlier an official on scene said the suspect had been bitten by a police dog.

A sergeant said the victim was not sure just what charges the suspect would be facing, but said the man would at least have an evading arrest and possibly an auto theft charge against him.