A 60-year-old woman who is a suspect in a 2012 slaying was arrested and now accused of plotting another murder, San Antonio police say.

Ruth Ann Comer is accused of soliciting the murder of Kristina Moore.

Police say Moore and Comer are both suspects in the January 2012 slaying of Jerry Collins.

Evidence gathered by police stated that Moore told a witness she was paid $10,000 by Comer to hire another person to murder Collins. The name of the alleged killer has not been made available because the investigation is ongoing. 

Jerry Collins murder victim

In this latest case, police said Moore was now the target. The person asked to kill Moore went to police with a handgun he claimed was given to him by Comer. Authorities used recording devices to capture Comer’s conversation.

Police have not said whether Moore will face any charges or if Comer will face further charges.