Ruth Monteith, an 86-year-old South Side resident, and her 63-year-old son, Ralph, have been arrested in connection with the theft of a trailer from local band, Two Tons of Steel.

As KSAT 12 News reported earlier this week, the band’s front man, Kevin Geil, discovered the trailer was missing from the band’s office Monday morning.

According to an arrest affidavit, San Antonio police received a tip later that day from a caller who said the stolen trailer was in the Monteiths’ yard.

The caller, identified as a neighbor, told investigators that the mother and son watched as someone else drove the trailer into their backyard, the affidavit stated.

Later, the neighbor saw the pair and a third person -- an unnamed man -- sorting through items from trailer that were spread out on a table, the affidavit stated.

Police returned the trailer to the band.

However, they were not able to recover the items that were in it when it was stolen — reportedly, about $50,000 worth of musical gear and band merchandise.

After the recovery of the trailer, Geil told KSAT 12 News the band would offer a $1,000 reward for information about the missing gear.

The two suspects, meanwhile, were released from jail after their arrests.

Reached at their home on E. Mally Street Wednesday morning, they both denied any involvement in the crime.

“I’m innocent,” said Ruth Monteith. “I didn’t have nothing to do with it, so I’m innocent."

Her son said it was that third person, mentioned in the affidavit, who brought the trailer to their home.

Ralph Monteith said the unnamed man asked to store the trailer in their yard, and that there was nothing inside it but an empty box.

“It wasn't an amp. It was, like, a trunk that you put stuff in,” he said.

Neither of them would share the name of the other person.

“It’ll all come out when I go to court,” Ralph Monteith said. “I don’t steal from people, and that’s all I got to say.”



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