Some students at Wilderness Oak Elementary are learning a lesson in how to make a difference in the community.

Nancy Whitehead's fourth-grade class is raising money for breast cancer research.

It's an idea that came directly from the students, with their teacher serving as the inspiration.

"I came up with the idea to do that for breast cancer research because Mrs. Whitehead had breast cancer," said 10-year-old Blake Trench.

Inspired by his teacher, Trench decided to sell rainbow loom bracelets.

Soon, all his classmates had decided to pitch in.

Some students painted pictures; others made scarves, candles, and cups, along with other items.

"That makes me cry," said Whitehead. "It just really warmed my heart and realizing how much compassion kids have."

The children set up their goods on tables and sold them between classes. The sale was set to last five days. 

In just four days, they raised more than $700.

The plan is to donate the money to the Susan G. Komen foundation for cancer research. 

"It makes me feel really important in that I'm giving back to the community and it's really helping people in need," said student Kaitlyn Zamagni.

"I think the best part will be giving the money to the Susan G. Komen Foundation after it's all done," said Trench.

Through the project, the students are learning about math, reading and running a business.

They're also learning a lesson that can't come from a book.

"These kids really are learning about what it means to give to others," said Whitehead.

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