Consumer Reports, along with some very young experts, checked out some of this season's best high-tech toys.

The Fisher-Price fortress would be fun for any kid, but adding an iPad makes it irresistible.

"When you put the iPad in, it becomes a whole different game because you're actually playing video games in conjunction with the fortress, and the whole story ties together," said Consumer Reports' Carol Mangis. "It's just a blast."

The Imaginext Apptivity Fortress is $90.

Classic toys like Barbie have integrated LED technology, bringing her little black dress to a whole new level. 

Young designers pick colors and animate their creations. Barbie and her digital dress cost $50.

One kid favorite was the Littlebits kit, a box of magnetized electronic modules that let you build a working circuit. 

The starter kit is $90.

A good science book becomes a great interactive science book when you download animations on your smart phone. The $20 Interactive Planets 3D from Popar brings the solar system alive.