Good Samaritan, Robert Ortiz, wears the scars on his arm with honor. 

It's the day this 15-year old was stabbed while trying to save 17-year-old Megan Hernandez, a young mother who police say was brutally attacked by her 17-year-old ex-boyfriend at a bus stop earlier this month.

"I saw her and saw someone doing something to her, I  didn't know it was her boyfriend or not, I just helped her at first I thought he was just hitting her, but he stabbed her," said Ortiz.

Ortiz doesn't see himself as a hero.  In fact he believes he wouldn't be the young man he is today without Mission Possible 360.  MP 360 recognized Robert's actions, with the Warrior for My Community Award. Executive Director of the organization, John Vacca, is committed to breaking the cycle of abuse and poverty

“Our work is targeted to heal people from the violence that is taking place in the community and their homes," said Vacca.

He said Ortiz is just one example of the hundreds of Southside boys they've helped over the last 10 years.

"We help them develop who they are and at the same time we help them transition into a purpose driven life so it's important to continue to work with the youth here in San Antonio," said Vacca.

Hernandez didn't survive her injuries, and her ex-boyfriend remains in jail.  But the baby she held in her arms did live.  In fact Friday is Aaliyah's birthday.  Ortiz can't help but feel a little responsible for that.

"Her father told me thank you, her mother told me thank you, a lot of people from her family told me thank you , " said Ortiz.

If you would like more information on mission possible 360, you can call John Vacca, the executive director at 210-519-1304 or email him at .