For fans of comic books, movies or one of a kind memorabilia, Texas Comic Con 2013 is the place to be this weekend.

The convention kicked off on Friday at the San Antonio Events Center.

A lot of participants showed up in costume, some dressed as super-heroes and others, dressed as movie characters.

Charlsy Wormser, who dressed up as Supergirl, said she had a lot of fun.

"I actually just got to take a picture with a little girl," said Wormser. "She looked at me said, 'You are my favorite super-hero.' That's so sweet."

However, for many, the convention is about the comics and the memorabilia.

Evan Holland attended the convention with his father. He said he bought a few things, but there was a lot to see.

"I took pictures with the storm trooper from Star Wars," Holland said. "That was pretty fun."

Andrew Shaddox worked on some of the elaborate Star Wars displays that had people waiting in line to catch a glimpse.

"It's just a lot of work," said Shaddox. "I made all the Ewoks by hand, a lot of clay and fur and what not."

For every picture that participants took with the displays, exhibitors were accepting donations for charities, like the American Cancer Society.

Jason Davis with the Rebel Legion said the fundraising was a lot of fun.

"I love Star Wars," said Davis. "A lot of the other individuals out here are big Star Wars fans too and we get to actually dress up, to look like that particular character, maybe Vader, maybe an X-wing pilot."

Texas Comic Con wraps up on Sunday.

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