Area leaders are voicing their concerns over potential military action in Syria.

Congress is set to meet Sept. 9 and some sort of action is expected.

All this is in response to a chemical weapons attack Syria’s government allegedly carried out last week.

The Obama administration says the attack killed more than 1,400 people -- 400 of which were children.

"I think it's essential not to make a final judgment until I've seen all the classified documents and heard the testimony,” said Rep. Lloyd Doggett. “At this point, I'm not inclined to think the type of action the president has discussed will make our families any safer.”

Other area leaders seem to share his views.

“Assad’s murderous actions have claimed the lives of more then a hundred thousand of his own people, which is a humanitarian tragedy," said Sen. Ted Cruz. "But our chief strategic concern should not be international norms; it should be preventing the chemical weapons from falling into the hands of Al Qaeda.”

If any action is taken, it will be without America’s closest ally. The British Parliament voted against any action in Syria.