Nearly four months after it was vandalized, The Mill Springs Cabin at Bradley Middle School is back open.

The makeshift town is run by students. It was put in place to give an experience unlike any other.

"All the elementary students in northeast they all come to Mill Springs Cabin and (we) teach them about the livelihoods and survival that they had to do back in the frontier," Said student Harrison Wissel-Littmann.

The damage left behind was estimated at $5,000. Through donations, the school was able to raise close to $15,000.

“Today was a day of celebration due to the fact that we had the whole community come together and they have risen to the occasion to help a program that gets no funding,” said program director Mike Bailey.

Bailey is hoping to buy a new surveillance camera system. The Cabin already purchased new lights and steel doors. “All  we can do is slow them down. If we make it a little harder on them hopefully it won't happen again.” Said Bailey.

The program is set to kick off starting in February.