AC contractor Luis Diaz has a lot of equipment at his house and in a trailer on his property.

A few months ago, he installed a couple of surveillance cameras to help keep extra eyes on his tools. Monday afternoon, the cameras proved their worth.

"I was at work and I got a call from my baby-sitter that there were a couple of gentlemen that knocked on my door about some body work and they looked pretty scary and that they were looking around pretty fishy around the house," said Diaz.

The thieves left before Diaz could get home, but they didn't leave empty-handed. 

He said a $700 vacuum pump was missing along with some other tools. He checked his hard drive and found clips showing the thieves opening the gate and snooping around.

"It feels pretty bad especially when you think your home is safe and your kids with the baby-sitter and still above that they have the nerve to knock on your door and take from you," he said. 

Diaz said the thieves, who stopped by last week in a different vehicle, offered the baby-sitter a business card for a local auto body shop.

He called and spoke to the owner who said he didn't know who the men were and does not solicit door to door.

"[The] owner has no idea what's going on and it's a good idea to keep an eye out if they see gentlemen like these around their house," he said. "I'm trying to get the video clarified so I can get the license plates clear and go ahead and let the police handle it from here."

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