After having Christmas dinner with his family at a local restaurant Army Private First Class, Ryan Hawk, got a shock when he returned to his barracks at Fort Sam Houston.

“I go to hop on my Segway and it’s not there,” Hawk said as he explained how he normally has the two-wheel stand-up mobile vehicle bolted to the rear of his pick-up truck.

Hawk said he retraced his route to the restaurant fearing it may have fallen loose.

“It had a pin right through here and I had my own personal lock that actually locked it down so most likely they would have had to have a bolt cutter to snap it off,” Hawk said as he pointed to the rear bumper of his truck.   

Hawk said his truck displayed a Wounded Warrior decal that should have been a clue to the thieves that they were stealing from a disabled soldier.

“I’m in a handicapped parking spot,” Hawk said. “You can see I’m obviously some type of disabled if I have that. I was in shock.”

Hawk lost both legs below the knee when his vehicle was hit by a rocket propelled grenade while on patrol in Afghanistan in the Fall of 2012. 

Just getting around is now a challenge for the decorated soldier.      

“I just walk everywhere – it’s a little bit rougher on my legs throughout the day instead of just hopping on that thing and going.” Hawk said.  

Hawk said he has filed a police report and that detectives are looking at the restaurant’s security camera video in hopes of tracking down the thieves.

Hawk said he just wants the Segway back – no questions asked.

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