The 36th-annual Cowboy Breakfast went off without a hitch Friday morning. 

Despite the cold weather, some 20,000 diehards made it to the breakfast at Cowboys Dance Hall.

The tacos were already cooking and the line was forming by opening time at 4:30 a.m.

The choices were plenty -- from potato and egg to bacon and egg. There was also a line for biscuits and gravy with some sausage thrown in.

There were those that had been there before and first-timers.

Even real cowboys like the Texas Wild Bunch showed up.

“That’s right, as long as you are feeding them,” said West Texas Slim, from the Wild Bunch.

Among the 20,000 in attendance was Valesca Richie, who went from the food to the fun. Richie took a ride on a mechanical bull set up there.

She said it was fun but when asked about a future in bull-riding, “No” was her quick response.

Since the crowd was not as big as expected, there were quite a few leftovers. They will be donated to nonprofits around the city.

Regardless of the numbers, the food was just as good and the enthusiasm as high as ever.

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