Last week, nearly 3,000 civilian workers were furloughed from Fort Sam. 

Brent Boller, Joint Base San Antonio spokesman, said it's been tough on families of the Air Force's 502nd wing.

"This is the Air Force organization that provides the municipal support services to the entire joint base that include such things as civil engineering, security, logistics, transportation and a myriad of other activities," said Boller.

Most reported back to work Monday morning after being furloughed for four days. 

In July, there was a six-day non-consecutive day furlough.

What they'd like to see is some type of resolution.

"(We'd) love to see Congress come up with a continuing resolution but, ideally, a 2014 appropriations bill," said Boller.

The commissaries are also back open at Fort Sam Houston, Joint Base Lackland, and Joint Base Randolph.  

All were closed since last Wednesday to both retirees and active service members due to the government shutdown.

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