VIA has posted the following tips to make travel safer for its passengers:


Use a designated bus stop.
VIA operators are not permitted to pick up passengers outside designated stops. Try to be at the stop a little early and flag the operator as the bus approaches.

Watch where you stand.
Stay on the sidewalk at a safe distance until the bus comes to a complete stop.

Never run for a bus.
Running for a bus can lead to slips, falls and other accidents. If the operator is already pulling away, don’t chase the bus or pound on the door. Our operators are not allowed to let you board. It’s much safer to wait for the next bus.

Be ready to board.
As the bus approaches verify the route number and final destination on the front of the bus. In the downtown area, the second bus in line at a stop may not make a second stop, unless a rider with a disability is at the second stop location.

Be patient.
Let passengers exit the bus before boarding to minimize crowding and falls on the stairs. Allow passengers using wheelchairs to board and exit first.

Be courteous.
Allow the elderly and riders with disabilities to sit in the front priority seating.

Hold on.
Use handrails to steady yourself on the way to your seat.

Pick your seat.
Choose your seat quickly and sit down, then avoid changing seats while the bus is in motion.


Watch children.
If traveling with children, make sure they stay seated.

Stand behind the yellow line.
Stay seated whenever possible, but if the bus is full and you must stand, remain behind the yellow line. It’s the law! And your operator can’t see the mirrors when passengers stand forward of the line. If you must stand, hold onto the handrails at all times.

Keep aisles clear.
Keep all personal belongings such as shopping bags or laptop cases out of the aisles. Strollers and grocery carts must be folded.

Quiet please.
Please do not talk to the driver while the bus is in motion unless it is an emergency. Talking is a distraction, and your operator needs to focus on the road. Also, please be courteous to other passengers when using a cell phone.


Stay seated until the bus stops!
Request your stop by ringing the bell about a block before your stop. Remain seated until the bus has come to a complete stop.

Hold on.
Again, always use handrails when walking on a bus.

Watch your step.
Use caution when going down steps and when stepping off the bus.

Don’t cross in front of the bus.
Step onto the sidewalk and wait until the bus pulls away before starting to cross the street. Cross only at crosswalks and obey traffic signals.