The Boy Scouts' motto is 'Be Prepared,' but the scouts of Troop 233 never imagined they would have to prepare themselves to deal with thieves.

Early Monday morning, someone broke into a locked gated area at the Leon Springs Presbyterian Church and stole their camping trailer that was full of supplies and equipment.

"It was kind of a shock because who would steal a scout van?" asked Jacob Hardin, one of the scouts. "I think that's just low."

Hardin broke the news to his fellow scouts at their meeting Tuesday night. It was quite a shock to the boys who've used that trailer and the equipment numerous times over the years.

"It's really a double hit for these kids because there's the trailer itself, which we use to carry their gear to and from summer camp every summer and on weekend camping trips, but the trailer itself was also filled with a lot of their gear," Assistant Scout Master Jake Bourbon said.

Bourbon said the trailer stored most of the troop's camping equipment including cots, sleeping bags, tents, Dutch ovens and thousands of dollars' worth of other supplies. It was all gone in a few seconds.

"That represents a couple of decades of donating and collecting and caring for that gear," Bourbon said. "It took a lot of people a lot of time to donate all those things, and to find out what we needed and to help us out with that."

Boy Scouts trailer The scouts bought the trailer from another troop a few years ago with grant money. It was clearly marked with the Boy Scouts logo so whoever took it had to know who they were stealing from.

"It's clearly marked on the outside of the trailer that what we're here to do is help build character and help instill leadership values in these young people, and someone drove off with those character building messages written on the side of the stolen property," Bourbon said.

The scouts are now left to rely on their resiliency to overcome this unexpected adversity.

The troop has a camping trip planned next month and they still plan to go, but they admit it will be tough without those supplies and the trailer.

Bourbon said they've made a police report with San Antonio police and are hoping someone has seen the trailer, and will do the right thing and report it to police.

In the meantime, they're considering some fundraisers to replace what was taken from them.