The smile on Shelly Harden’s face said it all.

She and her family were flying to Seattle and were expecting San Antonio International Airport to be a madhouse.

Fortunately, she said, they were wrong, making the four hours they had to wait for their flight to depart a little less stressful.

“We heard it was crazy,” Harden said. “We actually had a disagreement on how early we had to get here, but I guess it's better to be early than late.”

The long check-in and security lines travelers thought they would encounter were practically non-existent.

Airport spokeswoman Nora Castro said there was a big rush early Wednesday morning but then things died down.

“Things will probably pick back up. Those lines can swell at any moment,” she said.

AAA estimates that more than 43 million people will be travelling during the holiday weekend, and 37 percent of all travelers were expected to leave Wednesday.

Winter weather along the east coast meant long delays and even some cancellations for passengers.

According to, which tracks cancellations across the country, more than 500 flights were grounded as of 6 p.m. CST.

For passengers, the waiting is the hardest part.

“Most people have the mentality of, ‘It's all about me,’ but if you can just be patient and wait through it'll be alright," said Larry Brown Jr. as he waited for his flight to Philadelphia to depart.

Jerry Resnik was not traveling Wednesday, but he said waiting to pick someone up from the airport can be just as frustrating.

“I’m a fairly patient guy, sometimes,” he said. “My daughter is coming in from Ohio so she had to do a lot of that waiting and standing in line, but waiting's OK.”

Resnik’s young son, Kage, adamantly disagreed with his dad.

“I mind the waiting,” he said. “I don’t really like it that much.”

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