A large bee hive at a home on the Northeast Side has finally been removed.

Members of the non-profit group, Central Texas Bee Rescue went out to the house on Waxwing circle to get rid of it. 

A group of neighbors called them to remove the hive and they were happy to do it.

"We are going to cut out each individual honeycomb and transport the entire colony to Travis County where we will recuperate the bees and make them healthy again," said bee rescuer Walter Schumacher. "Then they will stick around and make honey for us."

The group removed the hive for free and they suggest if you encounter a swarm of bees near your home, stay calm, don't swat at them and call experts to remove the hive.

IMAGES: Beehive removed from SA home

Published On: Jul 25 2013 03:16:44 AM CDT

Take a look at some images of a troublesome beehive at a San Antonio home.

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