A driver who lost control of his pickup, plowing into a North Side business on Jones Maltsberger Road Wednesday morning, suffered from a medical problem, San Antonio police said.

The man, believed to be in his late 30s, suffered some kind of seizure as he traveled south on Jones Maltsberger near Starcrest, said Sgt. Antonio Zayas.

The pickup struck a gas meter, sheering it off its base, then continued down the road where it jumped a curb and hit a telephone box before slamming into the building.

The crash also caused a small gas leak in the area, Zayas said.

“He suffered minor injuries,” he said. “We had to close down Jones Maltsberger because of the gas leak.”

The crash and road closure happened in the middle of the morning rush hour, right around 7:15 a.m.

Traffic on Jones Maltsberger had to be diverted onto other roads for about an hour.

Lamont Hobbs, though, made it his mission to find a way into the trouble zone.

He works at the business that was damaged, a rim shop called American Eagle Wheels.

Hobbs said he found out about the crash after receiving a call from an alarm company, telling him an intruder alarm was going off inside the business.

He said he rushed to the scene, never imagining the “intruder” would have four wheels.

"I was just hoping that (the driver is) OK,” Hobbs said, after seeing the wreckage. “That was the main thing. As long as he's OK, the building, (well), it's a building."

Hobbs said he wouldn’t know the extent of the damage to property inside until he had a chance to enter the building.

Firefighters constructed a wooden brace to temporarily shore up the entry way of the building and prevent it from collapsing.

Police said it’s likely the driver will not face any criminal charges in connection with the crash.

“It was a medical problem,” Zayas said.

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